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General Information
Welcome! The 2017 Golden State Wushu International Wushu Championships.  Golden State International Wushu Championships started in 2009. It’s officially sanctioned by the United States Wushu-Kungfu Federation (USAWKF) and Organized by National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation (NTCWF), Wu Academy and Li's Wushu Academy. This Championship is open to International and National Competitors, including Traditional & Contemporary Wushu, Shaolin, Tai Chi Quan, Group competition, All-Around championships and Health Qigong competition events.

Date and Place
Date: Saturday and Sunday June 17-18th 2017
Place: Independence High School. 701 N Jackson Ave. San Jose, CA 95133.
Registration: May 1st to June 10st, 2017.

1.    Golden State International Wushu Championship
International and National Teams and Individuals are all welcome.
2.    USAWKF Traditional National Wushu Team Trials
Current member of USAWKF and must be a US Citizen or US Permanent Residents.
(Athlete participate in any of the Golden State International Wushu Championship Traditional or Tai Chi events with score above 8.0 or top three ranking will be chosen to be a member of the traditional team. )
Competition Events and Grouping
For detail event information, please refer to the enclosed “Event Chart”.
Age Grouping:  
(All age categories based on year beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31)
1.    Individual Event Age Categories (including Qigong, Tai Chi, Wushu)
Group 1: 6 years old and under, male or female, born in 2011 or later, Group # (M1/F1)
Group 2: 7-9 years old, male or female, born in 20010-2008, Group # (M2/F2)
Group 3: 10-12 years old, male or female, born in 2007-2005, Group # (M3/F3)
Group 4: 13-15 years old, male or female, born in 2004-2002, Group # (M4/F4)
Group 5: 16-18 years old, male or female, born in 2001-1999, Group # (M5/F5)
Group 6: 19-25 years old, male or female, born in 1998-1992, Group # (M6/F6)
Group 7: 26-55 years old male or female, born in 1991-1962, Group # (M7/F7)
Group 8: 56 years old & over, male or female, born before 1961, Group # (M8/F8)
2.    All-Around Championship
Traditional and/or Contemporary Wushu:
1)    All-Around Group A: 12 years old and under, male or female
2)    All-Around Group B: 13-18 years old, male or female
3)    All-Around Group C: 19-25 years old, male or female
4)    All-Around Group D: 26-55 years old, male or female
5)    All-Around Group E: 56 years old and above, male or female
Category A,B,C Eligibility: Any athlete registered in Traditional and/or Contemporary Wushu, competing in at least one hand form, one short weapon event and one long weapon event, is eligible to apply for the All-Around Championship on the registration form. Category D and E Eligibility: Any athlete registered in Traditional and/or Contemporary Wushu, competing in at least one hand form and one weapon event, is eligible to apply for the All-Around Championship on the registration form.
3.    Health Qigong and Tai Chi
All-Around Group F: 25 years old and under, male or female
All-Around Group G: 26-55 years old, male or female
All-Around Group H: 56 years old and above, male or female
Any athlete registered in Health Qigong and Tai Chi, competing in at least  one hand form and one weapon event, is eligible to register in the All-Around Championship.       
Competition Requirements
Time Requirement
1)    Traditional Hand Forms and Traditional Weapon Forms: less than 2 minutes.
2)    Contemporary forms and Optional forms (Nandu): no less than 1 min 20 sec (except for Tai Chi forms, and age group under 18 years old)
3)    Beginning forms or under 18 years old: no time limit
4)    Wushu Duilian Form: not less then 40 sec, Tai Chi Duilian no more then 3 min.
5)    Tai Chi Hand-Form series, Group Tai Chi series, Health Qigong Form series: 4-6 min and the head judge will blow a whistle when the athlete performs to 5 minutes
6)    Tai Chi Weapons 3-4 minutes the head judge will blow a whistle when the athlete performs to 3 minutes 

Music Requirement
1)    All events’ music is not allowed to have narration or vocals
2)    All Group events require Music
3)    All individual Tai Chi and Health Qigong related music would be chosen by the judge panel randomly during the competition.

Separate and Combined Group
1)    If the same age group is less than 4 people, the group will need to be combined with other higher age group or similar event group.
2)     If the same age group is more than 10 people, the group will be divided into A and B Groups by close age range.

Group Requirement
Group event requires a minimum of 6 participants per team, no age or gender restrictions, individuals may compete in more than one group event.

Competition Rules
1)    All Tournament Competitions will consist of individual events.
2)     Golden State Championships will be conducted in accordance with the 2005 [International Wushu Competition Rules] endorsed by the IWUF, all Traditional events shall adopt the 2006 Guidelines authorized by the China Wushu Management Center, and the updated regulations. 
3)    Health Qigong Tournament shall adopt the [Health Qigong Demonstration and Exchange Competition Scoring Guidelines and Standards] authorized by the China Health Qigong Management Center and the updated regulations.
4)    The power of interpretation of the Rules rests solely with the IWuF.  In the event of disagreement regarding the interpretation of the Rules, the Chinese Text shall prevail.
Ranking and Awards
1)    USAWKF National and International Wushu Championships: Tournament ranking is from the highest to the lowest competition score.  If 10 or more participants compete in an event, the top 8 athletes will be awarded a ranking certificate.  For events fewer than 10 participants, the two lowest ranking participants will be eliminated.  For events fewer than 5 participants, 1 participant will be eliminated.  Participants with tied scores will receive the same ranking certificate.  For individual competitors, the top 3 highest scoring athletes will be awarded with their trophy.  
2)    All-around event: on obtaining the highest score and ranking from two, or three individual competitions (refer to the specific registration requirements for All-Around Competition), an All Around Champion Trophy will be awarded to the top 3 individual athletes.
3)    Group event: Top three group events will be received a group trophy and all members will receive certificates.

Fee and other Expenditures
1)    Individual competition & Duilian registration fee is US $60 per person, plus US $20 for each event.
2)    Group competition: US $20/person
3)    All-Around Competition: US $30
4)    Competition tickets: US $10 for all spectators (Tickets will also be available for purchase at the venue).
5)    Athletes, Coach and Team Leaders will have free admission with Competition ID badge.
Registration Procedures
1)    General Registration:
Team Leaders or School Coaches may collect all individuals or group registration forms and fees; register by fax or by mail.
2)    On-line Registration:
Group or individuals may use the quick and easy on-line registration system.  Website: 
3)    Registration time frame:
Registration begins on May 1st, 2017 and ends on June 10st, 2017.

Registration Criteria and Procedures
Registration Criteria
1)    All participants enrolling in any competition event should handle their own accident insurance. A waiver form must be signed and every participant must agree to the terms before entering our on-line registration system.
2)    No late registrations will be accepted after the deadline.  You must notify the organization committee of all necessary changes 15 days prior to the event, please note that there will be a US $35 penalty regardless to each change or re-registration.  
3)    Each group shall select 1 Team Leader and 2 Coaches. ID’s will be issued to all Team Leaders, Coaches, and Athletes and they are not required to purchase admission tickets.  Any group with 15 members or above is eligible to nominate one Certificated Judge (or a person can certify his/her experiences in judging).  Such Judge or person will be assigned after approval from the organization committee.
4)    All athletes shall “Draw Lots” to determine their orders to compete in the listed events.  “Draw Lots” appears on the last procedure of the on-line registration system and it will be ready 5 days prior to the tournament.
5)    All ID’s shall be picked-up and distributed by their Team Leader or group organizer.  Individual athletes shall pick up his/her ID at the check-in desk.

Official Hotel:
Biltmore Hotel and Suites Santa Clara Hotel
2151 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara, CA
Fax:  (408) 973-8200
1)    San Jose Airport (SJC) 5Mailes
2)    San Francisco Airport (SFO) 38Mailes
Administration of the Competition
1)    The organizing committee will administer all the competitions.
2)    The selected athletes must participate the World or International Wushu Tournament and related competitions. The USA National Wushu team will have the final right to determine the representative team members.
3)    All participating athletes are required to attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.(Each group should attend the formal march-in ceremony this year.)
4)    All participating groups, teams or athletes are recommended to provide the following:
a)  Team or Group Flag (1 x 2 m), or Banner
b)    A copy of Confirmation of Registration from the website
c)    Self-selected music for the routine, in the form of a CD or iPod
d)    Decent Team Uniform

Contact Information
Organizing Committee 
Telephone: +1(408)-582-8260
Fax:  +1(408) 973-8200
Email Address:
QQ: 910939314
Competition Website:
USAWKF Website:
The Competition Committee will post updates in a timely manner

      2017 加州国际武术锦标赛暨国际名师表演是由美国国家武术总会(USAWKF)授权,美国太极养生基金会(NTCWF)、美国武学院、李书东武术馆主办的国际武赛事。适于不同国家和地区的团体与个人参加。比赛分为男女以及不同年龄组,设有传统武术、现代武术、健身气功、少林与太极、 以及集体与全能等比赛。

日期:  2017年 6月17-18日
地点:  加州圣荷西市独立高中 701 N Jackson Ave (体育馆入口). San Jose, CA 95133, USA
报名时间:5月1日至6月10日 2017
1)    加州国际武术锦标赛暨国际名师表演:国际及各地区的武术、太极、健身团体均可
2)    美国传统国家武术队选拔:USAWKF会员,美国公民或绿卡持有者。
1)    项目设置: 详情请看附件中 “项目表”
2)    年龄分组:  年龄计算以1月1日起到12月31日止
3)    个人单项比赛分组 (包括健身气功、太极拳、武术项目)
组别1: 6岁及6岁以下, 分男女, 2011年或以后出生, 编号 (M1/F1)。
组别2: 7-9岁,分男女, 2010- 2008年出生, 编号(M2/F2)。
组别3: 10-12岁,分男女, 2007- 2005年出生, 编号(M3/F3)。
组别4: 13-15岁, 分男女, 2004-2002年出生, 编号(M4/F4) 。
组别5: 16-18岁, 分男女, 2001-1999年出生, 编号(M5/F5)。
组别6: 19-25岁, 分男女, 1998-1992年出生, 编号(M6/F6)。
组别7: 26-55岁, 分男女, 1991-1962年出生, 编号(M7/F7)。
组别8: 56岁以上, 分男女, 1961年以前出生,  编号(M8/F8)。
4)    全能项目的分组
a.    武术类全能
       i.     分男女, 不分传统与现代, 年龄在12岁以下为 - 全能A组。
       ii.     分男女, 不分传统与现代, 年龄在13-18岁之间为 - 全能B组。
       iii.     分男女, 不分传统与现代, 年龄在19-25岁之间为 - 全能C组。
       iv.     分男女, 不分传统与现代, 年龄在26-55岁之间为 - 全能D组。
       v.     分男女, 不分传统与现代, 年龄在56岁以上为 - 全能E组。
全能D和E组中, 至少在传统或现代武术类比赛中参加一套拳术和一套器械的运动员(至少两套) 就有资格在报名表中选择参加全能总冠军的评选。

b.    健身气功和太极拳类全能分组
         i.     全能F组: 分男女, 年龄在25岁及以下。
         ii.     全能G组: 分男女, 年龄在26-55岁之间。
         iii.     全能H组: 分男女, 年龄在56岁以上。
1)    时间要求
a)    传统拳术、器械不超过2分钟 (太极类项目除外)。
b)    规定和自选拳术、器械不少于1分20秒(太极类项目和18岁以下组别除外)。
c)    初级套路(五步拳,初级长拳,初级刀等) 和18岁以下组套路时间不限。
d)    对练项目不少于40秒。太极拳对练不超过3分种。
e)    太极拳类、集体太极拳类、健身气功的个人或集体项目: 4-6分钟,5分钟时裁判长鸣哨提示。
f)      太极器械 3-4分钟, 3分钟时裁判长鸣哨提示。
2)    音乐要求
a)    所有配乐不得使用含有口令、词的音乐
b)    所有集体项目均需配乐
c)    太极拳和健身气功比赛项目的配乐由大会选择(不一定为套路原配音乐)
3)    分组与合并
a)    每个年龄组人数不足4人时,该组将合并至类似比赛项目或高一年龄组比赛
b)    每组人数超过10人时,将平均分为A组和B组进行比赛。
4)    集体项目要求
集体类比赛无年龄与性别限制, 人数不少于6人, 可报多个集体项目。
1)    大会期间的所有赛事均为单项比赛,不设团体总分比赛。
2)    武术比赛采用国际武术联合会审定的 2005年《国际武联竞赛规则》和中国武术管理中心审定的2006年《传统武术竞赛办法》及本规程的有关规定。
3)    健身气功比赛采用国家体育局健身气功管理中心审定的《健身气功交流展示竞赛评分方法与标准》及本规程的有关规定。
4)    竞赛规程和规则的最终解释权属于本次比赛的组委会; 对竞赛规程和 规则的英文解释有争议时, 则以中文版为准。

1)    比赛国际组和国内组,所有来自美国以外的运动员将单独取名次。
2)    个人项目和集体项目比赛成绩以得分高低排列名次。报名人数超过10人的奖励前8名,  不足10人或10人者减2录取,  不足5人或5队时减1录取。 得分相等时并列。个人单项前3名的运动员颁发奖杯。
3)    全能项目根据各年龄组报名的不同要求,分别以两项或三项单项的最高分之和排名(具体要求参看全能项目的报名要求)前三名颁发全能奖杯和证书。
4)    集体比赛的团体可获一个集体奖杯,证书。
1)    个人单项、对练比赛报名费 $60/个人, 每一项比赛$20。
2)    集体比赛项目$20/每人
3)    全能比赛项目费$30。
4)    比赛门票$10/天, 儿童 10岁以下免费 (所有门票请在比赛入场处购买)
5) 运动员、教练员、裁判员(根据报名名单由大会发放比赛证件出入)
1)    锦标赛报名办法
a)    团体报名:  由各团体统一填写报名表, 收集报名费,使用传真或邮寄报名。
b)    网路报名:  团体或个人可通过网路快捷方式报名:网址
c)    报名时间:  报名将于2017年5月1日开始至2017年6月10日结束
2)    锦标赛报名要求         
a)    参加人员须自行办理人身意外伤害保险, 并须填写并签名比赛的免责声明方可报名,网路报名时必须点选同意我们的网路免责声明方可进入报名系统报名。
b)    不接受逾期报名, 报名截止后, 已报名的运动员如须更改报名项目, 则必须向组委会申请, 在组委会同意后交纳罚金方可改动和补报参赛项目, 每改动或补报一项需要交付 $35罚金, 赛前15天不予受理任何补报和改动。
c)    每个团体可报领队1人, 教练员2人。运动员, 教练员和领队可凭证件出入无需购票、教练员和领队需在报名截止前向组委会申报。15人以上的团队可申报一名随队裁判,要求有裁判证书或裁判经验,由大会确认后可担任比赛裁判。
d)    运动员在赛前5天, 需要通过网路抽签来决定比赛顺序, 网路抽签系统在报名系统的最后一个步骤, 赛前5天会即时开通。
e)    各队的运动员证由专人统一领取分发,个人参赛的运动员可在报到处领取
Biltmore Hotel and Suites Santa Clara Hotel
2151 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara, CA
Fax: (408) 973-8200
1)    各项赛事在组委会的统一指导下组织竞赛工作。
2)    获选运动员必须参加世界武术锦标赛及对应的赛事活动,美国国家武术总会有权最终

3)    所有参赛者有义务参加比赛的开幕和闭幕式(今年比赛将安排各代表队正式入场仪式)。
4)    参加开幕式的团体建议携带下列物品及资料:
a)    团体旗帜 (1米×2米) 或横幅
b)    网上报名截止后打印出的报名表(备份一份)
c)    比赛用的音乐CD或IPod
d)    团队统一服装
联系电话: 408 973-8880
传    真: +1(408) 973-8200
QQ: 910939314