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Golden State set up the new competition format

Add Date:2012-09-29 09:49Source:NTCWF Athor:Tom Tseng Click: times
       Most of the Chinese martial arts tournaments currently hosted in United States are facing two major problems: 1. False divisions, and 2. incomparable styles being put together (i.e.: Traditional open hands, which may include 10 or more different styles within one category).
Typically, tournaments are separated into 3 main divisions: beginner (1-2 years), intermediate (2-4 years), and advanced (4+ years); competitors are supposed to sign up based on honor system. Recently, a growing number of people try to sign up for a lower division in order to increase their chances of winning medals; it creates an unfair disadvantage against real beginners and intermediate level competitors.
       To solve these growing problems, Golden State International World Wushu Championship has come up with a different competition format:
               1.    Judgment based on true skills of the competitors rather than the stated years of experience. Competitors will be competing against others with the same style or form (i.e.: Bagua Zhang, Tongbei Quan, Compulsory Long Fist…etc). 
               2.    Within the same style of martial arts, GSIWWC will have much more narrower age range in each category to promote fairness.
               3.    As an encouragement for newer competitors to continue training and competing, GSIWWC has prepared awards for first-time participants.
       Event Chairman Master Shu Dong Li believes that th in the long run, these changes will help Golden State International World Wushu Championship become one of the biggest Chinese martial arts tournament events in the nation.

by Tom Tseng,
April 5th 2012