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USA Traditional Wushu Team Trial, now merged with GSIWC

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USA Traditional Wushu Team Trial, now merged with GSIWC

            GSIWC - Golden State International World Wushu Championship, has also been known as the USA Traditional Wushu Team Trial Tournament in the past few years, and it is still the official traditional team trial event this year for the West Coast.
            In the past, USA Traditional Wushu Team has been representing the United States and competing in China in World Traditional Wushu Festival in the past 8 years. The Traditional Wushu Team is now selecting team members to compete in HuangShan, China in November of 2012. There will be an estimate of 3000+ athletes from over 60 countries to participate in this world-wide event.
            In order to trial for the traditional team member, competitors must first register in Golden State International World Wushu Championship traditional team trials, and must be a member in good standing of the USAWKF. You can click on follow links to register for trials register for Competition or to register for USAWKF Member. Competitors with over 8.5 score may be qualified to become part of USA Traditional Wushu Team and receive special recognition and certification.
          Here are some sneak peeks of our events that can qualify for USA Traditional Wushu Team:
·         Various of traditional Tai Chi styles and weapons
·         Baji
·         XingYi
·         Bagua
·         Fanzi
·         DiTang
·         Cha Fist
·         Eagle Claw
·         Choy Lee Fat
·         Hung Gar
·         Mantis and other animal styles
·         Traditional soft weapons

for more competition information please check USAWKF website at