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Push hands will add to Golden State International Wushu Cham

Add Date:2012-06-26 10:00Source:NTCWF Athor:Lisa Cheung Click: times
Push Hands will be added to the Golden State International Wushu Championships

there will be divided into Male and Female categories.  The male group has six and the female has two as the followings:

Weight Classes:
1. Male < 145 Lbs                              1. Female <135 Lbs
2. Male 146 - 165 Lbs                        2. Female 136 Lbs and up
3. Male 166 - 180 Lbs
4. Male 181 - 195 Lbs
5. Male 196 - 210 Lbs
6. Male 211 Lbs and up

Master Peng Wen has been working on the Push Hands Tournamanets for several years, he is well-known by established the rules and became the keys fot he competition.  Master Li will apply those rules into the 2012 Golden State International Wushu Championships.  Hopefully, this will be built as part of the offical event of the USAWKF and NTCWF.   If you have any further questions regarding to the Push Hands competition, please click the following link: