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Bryant Fong 方国旋

  Bryant Fong   方国旋

Sifu Bryant Fong is a national level Wushu judge and martial arts master based in the San Francisco Bay area, and is the head coach and co-founder of the San Francisco Wushu Team. He was taught by Sifu Anthony Chan (member of Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame) and Chen style taijiquan experts like Sifu Feng zhi Qiang (Beijing, China) and Sifu Chen Xiao Want (Chengzhou, China). Mr. Fong has also trained extensively with the Beijing Wushu Team, China's premier wushu team. He is also well-versed in the traditional wushu styles of Northern Shaolin and Tibetan White Crane.
Sifu Fong has coached many top wushu competitors in the United States. He is currently the wushu coach at the University of California at Berkeley, and teaches taiji philosophy and applications at City College of San Francisco. He is also teaching taiji qigong and taijiquan for senior citizens at the San Francisco YMCAs.
Mr. Fong has been recognized by the California Arts Council for his excellence in teaching and performing wushu as a cultural art form. Mr. Fong is active in the promotion and performance of traditional Chinese lion dancing, and performs for schools and conventions throughout the Bay Area.