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Championships Comes to an Amazing Finale

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On June 16th, the 2012 Golden State International Wushu Championship was hosted in Independence High School Located in San Jose. 289 athletes from 27 different martial art groups has take parts in showing and exchanging their traditional Chinese Martial art, modern Wushu,  choreographed fight set, group performance, as well as health Qigong.
After a whole day of competition, the trophies and medals have been awarded to those who deserve them in this competition. Among the competitors, we would like to give special recognition to the following people who earned their Grand Championship:
Justin Yang, Wushu male under 12 years old
Priscilla Lee, Wushu Female under 12 years old
William Chan, Wushu male age 13-17
Nicolle Iacobacci, Wushu female age 13-17
Chao Wang, Wushu Male age 18-35
Michael Ng, Tai Chi/Qigong male age under 25
Connie Kwan, Tai Chi/Qigong female
Four of the participating groups have received Team Organizer Award for outstanding team-organization in this tournament. They are: Master Song KaiFei ‘s “Soaring Eage Kung Fu School” from Illinois, Lightening Tai Chi Organization from LA, Master Zang LiJuan’s Chinese Cz Kung Fu Institute, and Shaolin Shaolin Martial Arts from the Bay Area.

We have given the special spirit award to Toshiye Kawamura from Tong Xin Tai Chi Association. She and her husband are 80 years old. we would like to encourage her for not only excercising in Tai Chi and Health Qigong, but also participating in the Golden State International Wushu Championship to serve as role models to the other competitors.
During the Opening Ceremony, Master JinCai Dai from San Francisco, Master JinLong Ma from San Diego, and Master Alex Tao from San Jose has done an Masters’ demonstration. The following people also attended our tournament and gave speech. They are: Culture Consulate JianHua Sun and Rui Qin Liu. San Jose City Councilman Kansen Chu, Santa Clara representative Daisey Chu.
Golden State International Championship is sanctioned by USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation (USAWKF), and hosted by USA Health Tai Chi Foundation. Master Li ShuDong, a famous Tai Chi Master in the Bay Area served as the Tournament Director. He first introduced the strong team of judges to the crowd before the competition starts. The Main Judge Liu YuPing is current professor of Beijing Sports University, and is also certified as the highest international Rank A judge for Chinese martial art tournament. all other head judges are all certified with either Chinese National Level judge or USA National Level Judge. Among the 30 judges in this tournament, 18 of them received certification to National Level Judging degree, and National First Class Judging Degree.
Competitors at different ages have enjoyed this tournament, our oldest competitor is a 71 years old person from LA, and the youngest competitor being only 4 years old from San Jose. To encourage participation, the organization has prepared a spirit award for all first-time participants under 12 years old.
At the same time as we host the tournament, Golden States International Wushu Championship also served the as the West Coast USA Traditional Wushu Team Trials location to help select US Traditional Wushu Team members to participate in the 5th World Traditional Wushu Festival that is to be hosted in Huang Shan, China. We have selected 20 athletes in this tournament as the traditional Wushu Team Member and hereby congratulate them. The athletes are:

Over All Ranking Name and Group Top Score Event Name Top Score Individual Event best Ranking
1 Michael Yu(M6) Three-section Staff 9.27 1
2 Robert Yu(M6) Traditional Spear 9.1 1
3 Jeffrey Liu (M6) Standard Long Fist (IWuF 2nd set) 9.05 1
4 Jeffrey Wang(M6) Traditional Kwandao 9 1
5 Zachary Chen(M7) Kung Fu Fan 8.95 1
6 Katherine Ho(F4) Traditional Staff 8.87 1
7 Henry Li(M7) Wu Hao Taiji 8.8 1
8 Anthony Chen(M8) Tongbi 8.8 1
9 Nicolle Iacobacci(F6) Optional Straight Sword* 8.8 1
10 Christina Tian(F6) Optional Straight Sword* 8.8 2
11 Alex Tran(M8) Baji 8.77 1
12 Matthew Mayeda(M7) Ditang 8.75 1
13 Ting Lung(M8) 56 Chen Taiji Competition Form 8.71 1
14 Austin Prudhomme(M7) Shaolin Fist 8.67 1
15 Kelli Fitzpatrick(F6) Other Traditional Short Weapons 8.65 1
16 Nancy Obrien(F12) 24 Taiji Hand Form 8.65 2
17 Ken Hayama(M7) Cha Fist 8.63 2
18 Rick Chen(M7) Baji 8.6 1
19 Shanwu Lo(M6) Shaolin Fist 8.35 2
20 Andre Magnum(M3) Tongbi 8.05 1

The tournament was overall smooth and successful, athletes and coaches were happy that judges were fair and knowledgeable. They have expressed the desire to participate in this wonderful event again next year.


Li's WuShu Academy Zhao Hai Tao
东湾太极队 East Bay Tai Chi Qigong Team Zhou Shu Fen
International Wushu Academy Xena Wu
San Francisco Jin Cai Tai Chi Association Dai Jin Cai
Sun Flower Academy Tong Ming Guang
Shaolin Shaolin Martial Arts Ren Jin Yong
Lightning Taichi Organization Bob Hsing
Sulan KungFu School Sulan Wang
JQD Kung Fu Academy Alex Tao
Tong Xin Tai Chi 同心太极 Wu Xiao Hong
Chinese Cz Kung Fu Institute Zang Li Juan
Allstar KungFu Jack Lu
Wu Academy Santa Rosa Justin Eggert
Wind Town Tai Chi Club David Lan
Hong yang Tai Chi Association Li Ming Yang
Shaolin Temple USA Shi Yan Ran
Golden Dragon Chinese Kung-Fu Institute Ma Jin Ling
Soaring Eagle Kung Fu Song Kai Fei
USA Tai Chi Culture Association Li Lei
Champion Wushu & Arts Center Ding Wei
Shaolin Kungfu Zen Ye Xing Lie
USA Wuchi Kung Fu Academy He Tao
Hun Yuan Tai Chi David Yip
Elite Kung Fu Learning Academy Gao Jie
Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center  
Wu Tao Kuan Martial Arts Institute Alex Feng
SYL Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute  

Tournament Director 比赛执行长:  Shu Dong Li  李书东 (国际B级)

Chief referee总裁判长: Yuping Liu 刘玉萍 (国际A级)


Ring 1 Morning Ringleader:  Christina Sung

Head Judge: Wang Sulan (国家级China) Deputy Head Judge:  Mike Jiang

Judges: Shirley  Chen,Liyong Zhang, Thomas Stutzman,  Jason Rockhill , Darren Hsiung .

Ring 2 Morning Ringleader: Peggy Chou

Head Judge: Justin Eggert (国家级 USA), Deputy Head Judge: Jack Lu (国家级USA)

Judges: Lawrence Chinn (国家级 USA), Emilio Alpanseque, Li Guiwu, Zhao Zhiqiang, Philip Ericson, Peter Hoogduin


Ring 3 Morning Ringleader: Steven Kam

Head Judge:  Ningyao Li (国家级 China)  Deputy Head Judge: Yang Bing, Terry Lin.
Judges: Zhang Yang (国家级 USA), Yang Bing, Changxiao Lu, Andy Liu,

Ring 4 Morning Ringleader: Tom Tseng

Head Judge: Wenxiu Song (国家级 China), Deputy Head Judge: Hui Zhen Kwou (国家级 China)

Judges: Shufen Zhou (国家级USA), Ming Yang Li (国家级USA) , Dai Jin Cai, Xiao Hong Wu.


Ring 5 Morning Ringleader: Nhu Tran

Head Judge: Jinlong Ma (国家级 China), Deputy Head Judge: Eddie Yuen (国家级 USA)

Judges: Xingyi Zhang (国家级China), Alex Tao, Yunyin Liu.


Ring 1 Afternoon Ringleader: Christina Sung

Head Judge: Justin Eggert (国家级 USA), Deputy Head Judge: Jack Lu (国家级USA)

Judges: Lawrence Chinn (国家级 USA), Emilio Alpanseque, Zhao Zhiqiang, Peter Hoogduin, Yang Zhang, Leo Wang,

Ring 2 Afternoon Ringleader: Peggy Chou

Head Judge裁判长: Ningyao Li (国家级 China) Deputy Head Judge 副裁判长: Alex Tao
Judges: Zhang Yang (国家级 USA), Yang Bing, Yucen Liu, Andy Liu, Nhu Tran, Alex Tao

Ring 3 Afternoon Ringleader: Steven Kam

Head Judge: Wang Sulan (国家级China), Deputy Head Judge:  Mike Jiang
Judges: Xingyi Zhang,Liyong Zhang, Thomas Stutzman,  Qiong Liu, Yunyin Liu, Leo Wang

Roll Call and Awards Judges:  Head Judge Zhao Hai Tao

Ring 1:  Jason RockhillRing, Ring 2: Philip Ericsonl, Ring 3: Liu Qiong, Ring 4: Mary Lambert, Ring 5: Choon Kiat Sim

Organization Committee and Volunteers:

Diana Ding, Chris Gong, C.P. Feng, Peter Lin, Chang, Po-Chun, Chiang, Sam , Isabella Wong, Yang Ju Shang, Yung Cheung M, Quang Uong, Mei Juan Chen, Kerry Breuer Ping Lai QingZhangYanXianyang ShihFrancis Tram Zhenying liuYu Kun HuangDerek CunninghamJason Rockhill, Liu QiongChoon Kiat SimPhilip EricsonChoon Hoe YeahEiichi FujiJack ShengLinda Li


Master Dai jin Cai team and Master Zhou Shu Fen Team perform Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi