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USA Traditional Wushu Team will participate in the World Wus

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2012 USAWKF Traditional Wushu Team Trials Result
We are happy to announce that the USA Traditional Wushu Team members for the West Coast Division have been selected during the Golden State International Wushu Championship that happened on 6/16/2012 at Independence High school, San Jose. We’d like to congratulate the following people for making it to the USA Traditional Wushu Team:

Overall Ranking Name and Group Top Score Event Name
1 Michael Yu(M6) Three-section Staff
2 Robert Yu(M6) Traditional Spear
3 Jeffrey Liu (M6) Standard Long Fist (IWuF 2nd set)
4 Jeffrey Wang(M6) Traditional Kwandao
5 Zachary Chen(M7) Kung Fu Fan
6 Katherine Ho(F4) Traditional Staff
7 Henry Li(M7) Wu Hao Taiji
8 Anthony Chen(M8) Tongbi
9 Nicolle Iacobacci(F6) Optional Straight Sword*
10 Christina Tian(F6) Optional Straight Sword*
11 Alex Tran(M8) Baji
12 Matthew Mayeda(M7) Ditang
13 Ting Lung(M8) 56 Chen Taiji Competition Form
14 Austin Prudhomme(M7) Shaolin Fist
15 Kelli Fitzpatrick(F6) Other Traditional Short Weapons
16 Nancy Obrien(F12) 24 Taiji Hand Form
17 Ken Hayama(M7) Cha Fist
18 Rick Chen(M7) Baji
19 Shanwu Lo(M6) Shaolin Fist
20 Andre Magnum(M3) Tongbi
The selected team members represent USA to participate in the 2012 Fifth World Traditional Wushu Festival at HuangShan, China where more than 3000 wushu athletes from over 60 countries will attend. You have 3 traveling options to attend such spectacular event.
  1. You can tour with all the team members from the West Coast Division Traditional Wushu Team that are selected at the Golden States International Wushu Championship. The tour group will be visiting Beijing, Shanghai, SuZhou, as well as the famous Great Wall.  For the detailed information, please contact Division Leader Justin Eggert at (707)338-2233 or Email at to find out the price departure date…etc.
  2. You may also choose to join the East Coast Division Traditional Wushu Team to ask about their Touring location, schedule, and price. To contact The East Coast Division Traditional Team Trial, please visit for more information.