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The Inaugural Conference of International Health Qigong Fede

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While the Tan Kwai fragrance was blending into the cool autumn breeze, 86 representatives of 52 community organizations from 33 countries and regions were gathering in Hangzhou, China. They were there to participate in the inaugural meeting of the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF), which is headquartered in Beijing, the capital of China.

Xiaomin, Vice Chairman of the China National Olympic Committee & Vice-Chairman of the China Sports Federation was elected as President of the IHQF. Vice-Chairman Ji Yunxi of the China Health Qigong Federation, Chairman Cohen of the French Oriental Cultural Center, Chairman Pierre of the Belgian Health Qigong Association, Chairman Li Shudong of the United State of America Health Qigong Federation, and Chairman Li Rongfu of the Cuban Health Qigong Association, were all elected as Vice-Chairmen of IHQF.  Vice Chairman Wang Lan of the China Health Qigong Association was elected as Secretary-General of the IHQF.

Xiaomin, the first president of the International Health Qigong Federation, mentioned that the purpose of establishing IHQF was to integrate power throughout all national sport associations, striving to make this sport recognized worldwide.  This sport has undoubtedly opened up new ways that are beneficial to mankind.

Health Qigong, originally a unique Chinese traditional physical fitness regimen, has been practiced by health Qigong lovers and admirers more and more around the world. Unlike Western sports that advocate the fierce, fast, and a great deal of energy, the emphasis of Qigong is on the mixture of mind, Qi, and form that are integrated as a comprehensive exercise, using soft, slow, static and dynamic combinations as distinctive features.

At the 14th World Sport that was held in Beijing in September 2011, the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) President Rogge honored the Chinese Health Qigong event with the "Development and Promotion Award". Dolby, the IOC Sports Director, said that anyone who participated in Health Qigong played an active role in the promotion of physical and mental health of the people; the concept of Qigong served to advocate a harmonious society.

The establishment of the International Health Qigong Federation has been a continuing trend of the Chinese Health Qigong Association for many years under the overseas promotion project. There are 56 Health Qigong community organizations that have been established in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Between them, over 1200 people have earned their technical Dan (level) and five International Exchanges Competitions have taken place. The focus on international, standardized, and authoritative Health Qigong promotion activities will be planned after the establishment of IHQF.  By the year 2020, we expect to reach 100 million Health Qigong participants of which 1 million will earn some sort of technical grade Dan by competing in the Biennially Exchange Competition of the International Health Qigong. In the proclamation by the Chinese Olympic Committee President Liu Peng, he congratulated the establishment of IHQF and indicated that it has already entered into world sports and brought exchanges and cooperation to a new stage of development.

Sources of information (People's Daily)

Translated by Lisa Cheung, Secretary-General of the United States Health Qigong Federation





世界日报: 国际健身气功联合会在杭州成立-李书东老师当选为副主席

秋风送爽,丹桂飘香。来自33个国家和地区、共52个社团组织的86 名代表相聚中国杭州,参加国际健身气功联合会成立大会。中国奥委会副主席、中华全国体育总会副主席晓敏当选为国际健身气功联合会主席,中国健身气功协会主席冀运希、法国东方文化中心主席柯文、比利时健身气功协会主席皮埃尔、美国健身气功总会主席李书东、古巴健身气功协会李荣富主席当选为联合会副主席、中国健身气功协会王岚副主席当选为联合会秘书长。国际健身气功联合会总部设在中国首都北京。