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Golden State Wushu Championship has ended in great success

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On June 15th, 2013, in the Main Gym of San Jose’s Independence High School, the Golden State Wushu Championship took place and ended in a resounding success. 395 athletes from 36 teams and organizations around the globe took part in exhibiting and sharing their traditional Chinese Martial arts, modern Wushu, choreographed fight sets, group performances, and health Qigong styles. This event was hosted by the National Taichi Wellness Foundation and the United States Health Qigong Foundation. The president of the organizational committee was Master Shudong Li, the Vice Chairman of the International Health Qigong Federation and director of the USAWKF Development Committee. China’s former national champion and headmaster of USA International Wushu Academy, Master Wu Qiuhua, led the largest organization, with a total of 47 athletes from her team participating in this event. Competitors of many different ages competed in this tournament; our oldest competitor was Toshiye Kawamura, an 82 year old athlete from Sacramento, and our youngest competitors were Carol Yang and Joseph Liu from Li’s Wushu Academy at age 4.
During this event, we had the pleasure of welcoming many international martial arts committee leaders’ presences. International Wushu Federation Asian Technical Committee President and China’s Wushu Association Vice Chairman, Mr. Chen Guorong, and Asian Technical Committee Vice Chairman and President of the Iran Wushu Federation, Mohammad Reza Pour Gholami Nejad, had the pleasure of joining our tournament. China’s 36 time international and national competition winner, Miss Gao Jiamin, led a team to participate in our competition and presented a fantastic exhibition during our Master’s Demonstration.
The President of the International Health Qigong Federation and Vice President of China’s Olympic Committee, Miss Xiaoming, and California Senator, Leland Yee, presented us with letters of commendation for our distinctive efforts with this competition. China’s Culture Consulate General, Mr. Xia Xiaoyong; Consulate Wanjun; and San Jose City Councilmember, Kansen Chu, participated in this event and gave encouraging speeches at the Welcome Party and Opening Ceremony. Local government members and community leaders also joined us to support this event. We’d also like to thank our media sponsors for their tremendous support for our championships, including World Journal, Xingdao Daily Radio, KTSF Channel 26, and Dingding TV.
The championship’s Chief Referee, Professor Li Yanjun, came from China and is the Beijing Sport University Wushu Department Director. The deputies of the Chief Referee were the Director of China Guangdong Province’s Wushu Administration Center and former World Champion, Miss Liang Yanhua, and once again, Mohammad Reza Pour Gholami Nejad. The division’s Head Judges were Grandmaster Brian Fong (UC Berkeley’s Wushu Coach), Master Liu Yu (LA), Master James Cao (LA), and Justin Eggert (IWuF International level Judge). International judge, Lawrence Chinn, and other national and international judges joined us as members of our competition’s judging panel.

The group competition gold trophy winning teams were: Kungfu Division, Li’s Wushu Academy’s youth kungfu team, Elite Wushu Academy’s Wushu Team, and Jing Quan Dao’s Team. In the Taichi and Health Qigong division, the gold trophy winners were: Sacramento Tonxin Taichi Team, San Francisco Jincai Taichi Team, San Francisco Taichi Fitness Team, Taichi Yuen Team, Hongyang Taichi Association, Wind Town Taichi Club, and USA Health Qigong and Taichi Wellness Association.
After competing the entire day, the trophies and medals have been awarded to those who earned them in this competition. Among the competitors, we would like to give special recognition to the following people who earned the Grand Championships for their respective categories: Ian Lim; Isabella Miller; Nicolle Iacobacci; Miguel Geronimo; Kevin Wong; Megan Westerman; Jasmine Syu; Harry Li; Michael Ng; Limin Yang; Carl Go and Da Ping Guo.
The tournament was an overall success, and its duration was smooth and enjoyable for all. The athletes and coaches were happy that the judges were fair and knowledgeable, and they have expressed their desires to participate in this wonderful event again next year.