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2014 Competition Registration Has Begun

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Welcome! 2014 USAWKF National and International Wushu Championships & Master Demonstration will be held on June 14-15, 2014, at Independence High School Gym in San Jose, CA, USA. This Championship open to International and National Competitors, including Traditional & Contemporary Wushu, Shaolin, Tai Chi Quan, Group competition, All-Around championships and Health Qigong competition events, also, the USAWKF Traditional Wushu Team Trials.

We will run the following programs:
1. USAWKF Nationals and International Wushu Championships & Master Demonstration
2. USAWKF National Traditional Wushu Team Trials

3. USAWKF National Judge Training Course
4. USAHQF National Health Qigong Team Trials 

Registration begins on May 1st and ends on June 1st.

Competition event name and code list:
Competition registration forms:
Competition regulations (including category of age groups and all-around information and so on):
Workshop information (Master Gao Jiamin and Master Chen Sitan -- Standard Taichi Workshop; Grandmaster Zhao Youbin and Master Zhao Liang -- Yang Famliy Taichi):

We are also giving a USAWKF national judge certification course. Click on the link for more details:

Entrance ticket available for purchase at Single day pass  Two day pass
The official hotel information 

Looking forward to seeing at the tournaments!